RollWorks wishes to serve ads to customers that are appealing and adhere to both our policy advertising guidelines and editorial requirements. Similarly, the landing pages and websites to which customers are directed must adhere to these policies. 

Landing pages can call attention to a particular product or service, or refine messaging specific to your ad campaign.


When a visitor clicks on your ad, the landing page on your site must:

✅  Contain sufficient brand notification. Your business should be clearly associated with landing page content
✅  Disclose the terms of the offer clearly and completely if your landing page contains a unique offer not available on your website
✅  Only contain verifiable claims
✅  Link to your main homepage and site privacy policy
✅  Collect or pass any personal information on a secure server (https://)


When a visitor clicks on your ad, the landing page and website should not:

❌  Lack of brand notification 

❌  Have pop-ups that disable a user from navigating a website

❌  Interfere with a users back button

❌  Require a download of a product to view the landing page

❌  Redirect to other URLs

❌  Have lack of navigation: your site at a minimum needs a privacy policy, as well as a link back to your main site for any advertised promotional pages

❌  Be an inactive website

❌  Be “Coming Soon!” landing page – active links to pages that are under construction or blank may be grounds for disapproval.

❌  Have navigation links that are broken or lead to inactive pages


Your landing page and website spelling and language should not:

❌  Have inconsistent spelling or grammar that does not make sense

❌ Have ads that are difficult to understand or do not make sense

❌  Have symbols in ads that are confusing to the customer or restrict the understanding of the ad

❌  Have excessive capitalization 

❌  Have repetition of words, phrases, letters, or symbols in ads 

❌  Over-use of spacing in text

❌  have lacking image quality or hard to understand images


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