RollWorks Billing Methods: Automatic Post-Pay

What is Automatic Post-Pay billing?

Automatic post-pay billing is a billing style offered by RollWorks that charges your payment method on file for your actual spend on a weekly basis.

To view your current billing style:

If you manage multiple advertiser profiles, you can set up and manage multiple billing profiles from your account.


How does Automatic Post-Pay works?

Each week, we bill you automatically through a consolidated invoice of all weekly spend activity. We automatically charge your default payment method. To give our display partners enough time to report back for ad deliveries, we bill two full calendar days after the billing week has ended.


When will I be charged?

We charge you for impressions served over a 7-day cycle. Your invoice is typically generated 3 days after the end of each cycle.


Why have I been charged for a Payment Authorization?

When you launch a campaign or edit your budget, we need to authorize your payment method to make sure it's valid and can support the budget. We authorize the weekly budget for all active and paused campaigns for all profiles under your billing account.

If our authorization attempt fails, your campaign won't launch. Please try another payment method or contact your bank to resolve this issue. Learn more about how to add another payment method.


📝  These authorizations are voided immediately and they are not charged. How these appear on your bank or credit card statement depends on your financial institution.

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