How to adjust your Campaign Day Parting

What is Campaign Day Parting

Dayparting is a RollWorks Campaign setting that gives you control over when your ads serve for a specific campaign. You can use Day Parting to select the specific days of the week that you want your ads to serve and the specific times of the day.

By default, Day Parting is set as automatically run 24/7, we recommend that you use the default Day Parting Campaign settings to let BidIQ® dynamically optimize how many times your ads appear to the same person.


Adjust your Campaign Day Parting

 Before you start you should know

  • Your RollWorks account is standardized to the UTC time zone (Coordinated Universal Time).
  • Your Day Parting settings affect the campaign as a whole and cannot be applied to specific AdGroups within your campaign.

You can adjust Day Parting for your campaign by manually selecting a campaign schedule:

  • Go to this page or navigate to Advertising > Campaigns & Playbooks.
  • Click the Campaigns tab.
  • Find the campaign that you want to adjust and click on the campaign name.
  • Click Edit.
  • Scroll down and click Advanced Options to expose Day Parting settings.
  • Toggle ON/OFF between:
    • Automatically run continuously (recommended)
    • Manually choose a recurring schedule.




Campaign Day Parting Best practices 

Day Parting can be useful when you know that your ads will have a greater impact on certain days of the week or times of the day.

For example, if you've noticed more customers are booking demos for Monday and Tuesday than the middle-end of the week. You've also noticed that your business picks up in the afternoon, but mornings are slow or maybe you've noticed that the end of the quarter is especially busy but the beginning of the quarter is always a slow start. 

In this example, you can use Day Parting to boost your business by:

  • Focussing your efforts on when people are looking. Start a campaign that offers "One month free" during peak times on Monday and Tuesday. You know that people are looking at your product offering, so offer a promotion when you know that people are looking to ensure that they can try a free trial of your product.
  • Growing traffic when business is slow. Your sales team is slow at in the mornings. Start a campaign that offers a virtual coffee meeting for demos in the morning. 
  • Breaking into the beginning of the quarter. You're plenty busy at the end of every quarter, but the start of the quarter needs a little help. Start a campaign that promotes special pricing for deals closed at the beginning of the quarter. 


Can I change the time for my RollWorks account?

Your account is standardized to the UTC time zone (Coordinated Universal Time). All reports, time selectors, and data are based on UTC. At this time is not possible to change the time zone for your RollWorks account.

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