Adding 'Accounts Not in Advertising' to an active Campaign or Playbook

The RollWorks Command Center includes an insight card called Accounts Not in Advertising that will return accounts that meet the filter criteria you have applied, are in the Journey Stage(s) you have selected, and are not being targeted in an Account Targeting Campaign or a Playbook.

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We recommend that you create an Account List and activate them by launching:


How are accounts added and removed dynamically?

When you add an Account List created using the “Accounts Not in Advertising” filter to a Campaign or Playbook, our system intelligently ensures the accounts in the List continue to be added or removed based on the other filters applied.  Let’s get into how it works.

Let’s say this is how your Account List was built:

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 11.47.12 AM.png

  • If accounts meet the criteria above, they will be added to the Account List. 
  • If accounts no longer meet the criteria above, they will be removed from the Account List. 

You can expect accounts to be added or removed daily.

Normally, you might think the accounts would be removed from the Account List when you add the List to an Advertising Campaign or Playbook. However, our system is intelligently designed to continue to advertise to those accounts, so long as they meet the other filter criteria.  In this sense, the Account List created from the “Not in Advertising” insight card is still dynamic, and will have new accounts added and removed based on the filters with one exception: accounts will not be removed from the Account List when you add this Account List to an advertising Campaign or Playbook.

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