Automatic Form Tracking for HubSpot and Marketo

Available to customers who signed a contract after January 1st 2024

This feature is available by default to every RollWorks customer who signed a contract after January 1st 2024. If you were already a RollWorks customer before January 1st and want this feature, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

If your company uses 3rd party forms, such as HubSpot forms or Marketo forms to capture lead submissions, you can enable RollWorks Automatic Form Tracking to make sure RollWorks is accurately capturing advertising conversions that take place on any of your 3rd party forms.

Enabling automatic form tracking has the following advantages:

  • Any HubSpot/Marketo form fill on your website will be automatically detected by RollWorks. This will ensure you don’t miss any conversion data due to misconfiguration of the pixel.
  • If in the future you add new HubSpot/Marketo forms to your website, RollWorks will track them automatically so you won’t have to worry about updating any code in your website or setting in RollWorks.

The Pixel must be installed on every page of your website

For automatic form tracking to work properly make sure the RollWorks pixel is installed on every page of your website. Learn more about how Pixel Assistant can help you detect pages on your website that are missing the RollWorks pixel.


Watch this 2-minute video to learn how to enable automatic form tracking on your website.


How to track HubSpot and Marketo forms in RollWorks automatically

  • A new browser tab will open and display the Pixel Assistant panel overlapped with your website.
  • Click the Forms section.
  • Our Pixel crawler will automatically detect if your website is using HubSpot or Marketo forms. If any forms from these 3rd parties are detected you will see the following prompt:

  • Click  Enable, to enable tracking of the 3rd party form.
  • Under Email Marketing Consent select the type of consent mechanism you use on your forms to inform users that their data will be collected for marketing purposes.
    • Using a checkbox
    • Disclaimer text (implied consent)

  • Under Form Fill Tracking select how you would like to treat form submissions for your HubSpot/Marketo forms:
    • Treat all submissions as a conversion [Recommended]
    • Add all submissions to a regular website audience (not a conversion)
    • No audience will be created

Once you save your settings, you will see a confirmation dialog.


RollWorks will immediately start tracking submissions on any 3rd party form.

Also in about one hour, a new audience will show up in the Audiences > Website Audiences area of RollWorks (e.g. Marketo Forms Submissions). You can use this audience in advertising to target visitors who submitted any 3rd party form. Keep in mind this single audience will include submissions across all forms.



What platforms are supported by RollWorks Automatic Form Tracking?

You can track forms created with Marketo, HubSpot, and MailChimp. We may add support for other 3rd party form platforms in the future.


Can I track submissions to each form separately?

All form submissions from are tracked together within one Website Audience in RollWorks. This means RollWorks will track submissions to all forms from a particular platform and tie them together under an audience called HubSpot forms submissions, and Marketo forms submissions.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 11.25.08 AM.png

This won’t impact how forms are tracked in your Marketing Automation Platforms (e.g. in HubSpot or Marketo you will still see emails landing into the corresponding form).

Using the Granular Conversion Report in RollWorks, you will be able to see each attributed individual conversion, including Referrer URL to understand what form fill was the source of conversion.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 12.09.42 PM.png


Does automated form tracking work when forms do not have a "Thank you" page?

Yes, automatic form tracking for HubSpot and Marketo forms is supported even if there is no thank you page.


Does automated form tracking support Event-based audiences?

Yes, automatic form tracking for HubSpot and Marketo forms is supported for Event-based audiences.


Does automated form tracking work if one RollWorks Pixel is installed across multiple top level domains?

If the Pixel is installed on multiple domains (i.e. and and both domains use the same form builder (i.e. HubSpot, Marketo, MailChimp), then automatic form tracking will work for both domains.

If the domains use different from builders, then you need to pick one for automated tracking and use manual tracking for the other.


Do I need to connect my 3rd party platform (e.g. Marketo, HubSpot) with RollWorks for automatic form tracking to work?

An integration with your 3rd party platform is not strictly required for automatic form tracking. However, you may want to integrate your Marketing Automation platform to benefit from other RollWorks features like Journey Stages, Account Lists, and Workflows.


Do I also need to manually track the “Thank you” page of my form if I am using Automatic Form Tracking?

Automatic Form Tracking works by tracking the submission event of your form, for that reason, you don’t need to separately track the “Thank you” page. If you already have a “Thank you” page audience configured to track your 3rd party forms, then consider removing that audience or disabling automatic form tracking.


Does Automatic Form Tracking work in framed forms or pop-up forms?

Automatic form tracking will work on every website as far as the RollWorks pixel is installed. If your form is directly embedded into the page that contains the pixel then form tracking will work seamlessly (this also applies to forms that show up in a pop-up and for most Marketo and HubSpot forms).

However, if your form is served from a different domain and embedded into an iframe, it may not work well with automatic form tracking.

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