Attribute Audiences

What are Attribute Audiences

This audience type allows you to create audiences based on:

  • Your existing Account Lists & Account Groups
  • RollWorks Company Attributes: firmographic account-level attributes, such as domain, Company size, revenue, etc.
  • Buyer Persona Attributes: these are user-level attributes you can use to build your audience that RollWorks offers you through our partnership with Bombora Audience Solutions.

Attribute Audiences created RollWorks can be used to:

  • Launch an Account Targeting Campaign. This is a type of advanced campaign only available to Professional & Ultimate customers, that provides more audience granularity than Account Targeting Playbooks.
  • Exclude Attribute audiences from a Website Retargeting Campaign.

Below is the detailed list of all available filters for Attribute Audiences.

RollWorks Company Attributes
Buyer Persona Attributes
  • Account List
  • Domain
  • Company Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Company Revenue
  • Company Size
  • Net Worth
  • Age
  • Bombora Intent Categories
  • Bombora Intent Topics
  • Company Name
  • Consumer Interests
  • Decision Maker
  • Education
  • Functional Areas
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Income Changes & Status
  • Install Data
  • Professional Groups
  • Seniority

Download the list of attributes from Bombora Audience Solutions

An up-to-date list of the Audience Attributes and their definitions can be downloaded here.


When to use Attribute Audiences

You will create Attribute Audiences in combination with an Account Targeting Campaign only if  Account Targeting Playbooks do not offer enough audience flexibility for your use case. 

The most common scenarios to use Attribute Audiences within an Account Targeting Campaign instead of using an Account Targeting Playbook are:

  • You want to include very specific audiences in your advertising.
  • You want to exclude very specific audiences from your advertising.

This type of audience inclusion/exclusion flexibility is not possible with Playbooks, which are a pre-packaged set of campaigns very easy to use. Playbooks greatly simplify the process to launch and maintaining your account-based advertising programs.

In the example below we are excluding an Attribute Audience based on an existing Account List from a Website Retargeting Campaign:


Who can access

Attribute Audiences and Account Targeting Campaigns access depends on your RollWorks subscription package:

Your Package Attribute Audiences
Standard Advertising Included
Advanced Advertising Included
ABM Not included. Instead, you will use Account Targeting Playbooks.
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included
Starter (Legacy) Not included. Instead, you will use Account Targeting Playbooks.
Standard (Legacy) Not included. Instead, you will use Account Targeting Playbooks.
Professional (Legacy) Included
Ultimate (Legacy) Included
Free Tier Not included


Create Attribute Audiences

Watch this video to learn how to create Attribute Audiences with the purpose to launch an Account Targeting Campaign or follow the steps provided below.

  • Login to RollWorks and navigate to Audiences > Website Audiences and select Create Website Audience.

  • Select 'Audience Type' = 'Attributes'.

  • Click Pick an attribute to select either the Account List attribute or Domain attribute to get an audience size estimation.

    • For the Account List you will be asked to select an Account List and an Account Group that you would like to include in the audience.

    • For the Domain you will be asked to provide a CSV. file with the list of domains you would like to include in the audience.

  • If you want to add more attributes you can do that by clicking the 'Add Another' button.

Expected audience size

Before creating the audience make sure to check your Expected Audience Size. If you select the attributes that will not populate your Attribute Audience will not be effective.

  • Name your audience and click 'Create'.


Expected Audience Size

When you create an Attribute Audience in the RollWorks platform you will be able to see the Expected Audience Size based on the attributes you select immediately.

These attributes are not based on your website activity, but solely on RollWorks and Bombora Audience Solutions data, so you will be able to see audience estimates even if you don’t have the Pixel installed on your website yet.

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