Getting Started with the Folloze Partnership

Getting Started with the Folloze Partnership

  • This integration requires a contract with both RollWorks and Folloze.  
  • Determine your Folloze content strategy based on attributes like industry, awareness stage, buying persona, a specific company, etc.
  • Ensure you have created a corresponding Playbook in RollWorks. 


  • Edit the clickthrough URLs of your RollWorks ads to include &var=XXX 


  • The &var= input should align with the audience your are engaging in Playbooks and with the desired content strategy. 
  • Use the var attribute in Folloze to create and personalize Boards.

URL Parameters in Folloze Personalization Studio


  • URL query parameters are used to create content-based personalization.
  • See ‘var’ parameters to represent stage of deal, ‘Intent” parameters, role, and other segmentation criteria.


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