NextRoll Terms of Service Update (July 2022)

In July 2022 we updated the NextRoll Terms of Service. Here are some key changes we have made with our customers in mind:


Customer Data/Content

  • RollWorks has been able to make the CRM Data definition more customer friendly by expanding its meaning to explicitly include more types of customer data and removing some circular language regarding individualized reporting.
  • Also, in customers’ favor, any reporting provided by RollWorks that contains Customer CRM Data will be owned by customers. Similarly, regarding customer content, authorization language has been added to assure customers that even content pulled in through integrations is completely owned and controlled by customers.



  • With regard to use of trademarks, customers will have more control and final say over how RollWorks uses customers’ trademarks. 



  • Since Customers have direct relationships and contact with their own customers (“end users”), Customers will now get consent from their end users on RollWorks’ behalf since they are in the best position to communicate with their end users.  
  • The Sensitive Personal Information definition in the Terms of Service will prevent customers from providing RollWorks with any Sensitive Personal Information or configuring RollWorks technology in a way that would collect such information.


Where can I find NextRoll’s updated Terms of Service? 

Right here: The updated Terms of Service will govern your use of our services starting July 25, 2022.


I am a customer who is currently on a negotiated Terms of Service. Will the updated Terms of Service apply? 

No, if your services are currently governed by a negotiated Terms of Service, then the updated Terms of Service will not apply to you. Your existing agreement will continue to apply and your ability to run media campaigns with us will remain seamless. 


Where can I find my Privacy Notice Obligations in the updated Terms of Service?

Your privacy notice obligations are referred to in Section 7.2 (use of a Consent Management Platform Tool) and Section 7.3 (Customer CCPA obligations) of our updated  NextRoll Terms of Service

For more details about what to include in your privacy notice, please click here.


Who may I contact if I have questions about NextRoll's Terms of Service?

Please reach out to your contact the RollWorks customer support team here.

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