NextRoll Terms of Service Update (April 2020)

In April 2020 we updated the NextRoll Terms of Service. Here are some key changes we have made with our customers in mind:


NextRoll Terms of Service Update FAQs

Where can I find your updated Terms of Service? 

Right here: The updated Terms of Service will govern your use of our services starting April 21, 2020.


I am a customer who is currently on a negotiated Terms of Service. Will the updated Terms of Service apply? 

Account Managers will be reaching out to you about the transition to the updated Terms of Service. Until that time, your existing agreement will continue to apply and your ability to run media campaigns with us will remain seamless. 


What data privacy updates has NextRoll made?

We have created a CCPA Service Provider Addendum (found here). This Addendum reflects NextRoll’s position and obligations as a service provider with regards to the processing of Customer CRM Data under CCPA. This Addendum is incorporated into our Terms of Service for any Customers required to comply with the CCPA.

We are also requiring that our Customers include a disclosure in their privacy notice about NextRoll's collection of data through non-cookie tracking technologies, consistent with the Network Advertising Initiative’s (NAI) published guidelines.  

We have also updated our Data Protection Addendum (found here) to add a new subprocessor for our AdRoll Email Services only.  Please see our subprocessor list for more information.


Where can I find my Privacy Notice Obligations in the updated Terms of Service?

Your privacy notice obligations are referred to in Section 7.2 (Customer CCPA obligations) and Section 7.3 (use of a Consent Management Platform Tool) of our updated Terms of Service. For more details about what to include in your privacy notice, please click here.


Who may I contact if I have questions about NextRoll's Terms of Service?

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact the RollWorks customer support team here.

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