Validate Your Pixel with the PixelPal Chrome Extension

What is PixelPal

PixelPal is a Chrome extension that helps you to validate if your Pixel is implemented correctly, to ensure RollWorks is tracking your website's traffic, and all the audiences you defined in the RollWorks platform. Ensuring the Pixel is implemented correctly is key to ensuring your campaigns run smoothly.


Install PixelPal

  1. Click here to install the PixelPal Chrome extension in your Chrome Browser.
  2. After installation is complete, the PixelPal Chrome extension’s icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-11_at_8.57.18_PM.pngwill appear next to your Chrome browser address bar.
  3. Click the PixelPal icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-11_at_8.57.18_PM.pngto review and confirm the End User License Agreement (EULA). 

After installing the Chrome Extension, you can access PixelPal by clicking this icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-11_at_8.57.18_PM.pngnext to the address bar. Simply click the icon to view PixelPal diagnostics results.


The detached view displays pixel results of the currently focused browser tab in a separate browser window. To open the detached view:

  1. Click the Chrome extension’s icon next to the address bar.
  2. In the popup, click the detach icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-11_at_8.58.01_PM.png


The embedded view displays pixel results within a page’s content.

To enable embedded view: 

  1. Click the Chrome extension’s icon next to the address bar.
  2. In the popup, click the Settings gear icon Screen_Shot_2021-05-12_at_3.03.30_PM.png
  3. Click 'Embed to page'


With the PixelPal embedded view, when a pixel is detected, a button with the PixelPal icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-11_at_8.57.18_PM.pngwill be embedded on the bottom left of the window and will expand the pixel details on click.  The expanded or minimize state is persistent across all tabs and page refreshes.



Validate your Pixel

When the PixelPal extension is installed and you navigate to a website where a Rollworks Pixel is detected, the PixelPal icon will display a green checkmark. Detailed diagnostics will be displayed by clicking the icon.

PixelPal will return different warnings and errors depending on the issue you are experiencing. The list below includes the most common issues and steps to troubleshoot:

Screen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_5.41.02_PM.png No checkmark No Pixel detected 


Green Checkmark Your Pixel is properly tracking


Yellow Checkmark There are some errors or issues you should look into


No pixel detected

This error message indicates that there is no pixel found on the site. To resolve this error, confirm that the Pixel Javascript code snippet has been added to your website header and has not been removed or changed inadvertently. 



Emails not tracking

This error occurs when your RollWorks account advertisable is not opted-in to collect emails. To resolve this error:

  1. Log in to your RollWorks Account
  2. Go to Settings on the bottom left corner
  3. Select opt-in to email collection



URL-based audience troubleshooting

To check if a URL-based audience is populating correctly, visit the URL intended for the audience. PixelPal will display the Segment rule, display name,  EID, and name. A green circle and the rule matching the URL entered in RollWorks indicated a successful cookie match to the right audience. 


Event-based audience troubleshooting

To check if the event Pixel associated with an Event-based audience is capturing audiences properly, complete a test by triggering the event in your website (for example click the button where the Pixel event has been implemented). PixelPal will display the event audience EID and any associated rules so that you can confirm if the specific event Pixel is firing correctly. If your Event-based audience reloads the page or directs the visitors to another URL, visit the troubleshooting section in this help center guide for advanced troubleshooting steps.




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