Enhanced Conversion Tracking & Custom Parameters with GTM

Follow these steps to track the revenue on each purchase for reporting:

  • Navigate to Google Tag Manager and click Tags
  • Click on the 'AdRoll' tag
  • Click on the pencil 'Edit' icon. In order to track revenue, populate the field 'Conversion Value'  with a variable.
  • Click the icon to the right of the input field to display the list of variables that have been defined within Google Tag Manager
  • Select the variable that corresponds to revenue
  • The variable will now appear in the Conversion Value field
  • Click 'Save'
  • To deploy the changes made, click 'Submit'


Specify Your Variable

      • Go to the 'Tags' section of your GTM dashboard and select your AdRoll tag
      • Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the 'Configure Tag' section
      • Scroll down and in the 'Conversion Value' field, enter your GTM revenue variable name which should be wrapped with {{ }} 
          • Example: {{your_conversion_value_var}}
      • Choose from the five currencies we support using the currency dropdown
      • Click 'Save'
      • To deploy the changes you've made, click 'Submit'

Note: product_id is required if you are running dynamic creative ads.


Add Custom Variables to GTM

Follow these steps to pass back custom variables, such as product_id and order_id.

  • Go to the tag edit screen and scroll to 'Custom Data'
  • Under 'Key', enter product_id (required for dynamic ads) and order_id (Optional)
  • Under 'Value', select a variable that corresponds to that data by clicking on the icon on the right and selecting it from the variables available
  • For any additional data that you want to track, click Add Custom Data and repeat the process.
  • Click 'Save'
  • To deploy any change made, click 'Submit'


Identify Revenue Variables

If you're unsure where on your conversion page your revenue data is stored, your best option is to consult with your technical team.

The most common places are DOM Elements, Javascript Variables, and DataLayer Variables.

DOM Elements are HTML tags within the page. These include everything from images (<img>), paragraphs (<p>), various inputs (<input>). 

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