Composite Website Audience Guide

What is a Composite Website Audience?

After connecting your site to RollWorks by placing the RollWorks Pixel on your website, we will start capturing your visitor data to turn into website audiences. Composite audiences are any combination of the various Website Audiences types available in the RollWorks Platform. 

A Composite Audience is useful to identify people who match more than one customer trait. For example:


How do I create a Composite Website Audience in RollWorks?

Before you start creating a Composite Website Audience in RollWorks you will need to first build the individual Website Audiences that you want to combine. Once you have created your individual Website Audiences, follow the steps below to create a Composite Website Audience:

  • Login to RollWorks and navigate to 'Audiences' > 'Website Audiences'
  • Select 'Create Website Audience'


  • Select 'New Composite Audience'
  • Select the Audience Type and search for the specific Website Audience that you would like to combine under 'Audiences match all the following Conditions'
  • Optionally click 'Add Condition' if you wish to add additional conditions
  • Enter your desired 'Audience Name'
  • Enter your desired Audience Duration (in days) under 'How long to keep a person in this audience'. If you aren't sure, learn more in our Audience Duration article.
  • Only if this audience is a Conversion Audience, check the box labeled 'This is a conversion audience'. If you aren't sure, learn more in our Conversion Audiences Guide.
  • Click 'Create Audience'



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