Hot Contacts FAQs

Can I push Hot Contacts to my MAP/CRM directly from RollWorks?

You can use RollWorks Workflows to share Hot Contacts data with your sales team in an automated way by connecting to your CRM or Marketing Automation system.

You will need to determine the best way to hand off Hot Contacts to your Sales team. We recommend consulting with your Sales/Marketing Operations team about which option will work best for you:

  • Adding contacts/leads to a list in your (MAP) Marketing Automation Platform.
  • Updating a Contact or Lead field in your CRM.
  • Adding the Contact or Lead to a Campaign in your CRM.


Do Hot Contacts include people that do not exist in my CRM?

No, if the contact does not already exist in your system of record (Salesforce or HubSpot) we cannot legally show you the contact’s behavior. 


Can I exclude users that are visiting specific pages from Hot Contacts?

Yes. You may want to exclude certain website visitors from the Hot Contacts report, for example, visitors that are looking at your careers page, or existing customers that are unsubscribing from marketing emails. See the How to filter by URL visited section above.


Can I create more than one Enhanced Contact List for Hot Contacts?

Yes. The Contact Advertising Activity and Contact Website Activity data sources will always be available when creating or editing an Enhanced Contact List. 

However, you will only be able to create one list that appears in the Quick Actions card on the Home Page. If you’d like to run through the guided tour again, you must delete the existing list shown on the card and create a new one.


Can I see engagement metrics for Hot Contacts in my Salesforce contact records?

No, we will not write Hot Contact engagement data to the Salesforce contact record. 

However we do pass other RollWorks data to your contact records in Salesforce, click here to learn when and what RollWorks data is written to your Salesforce contacts.


Can I see engagement metrics for Hot Contacts in my HubSpot contact records?

No, we will not write any contact engagement data to HubSpot Contact records.


Will RollWorks record website activity for visitors who have not accepted the Cookie Consent Banner?

If a visitor clicks on one of your ads and then is taken to your website unless proper cookie consent is provided, the Pixel will not fire, and RollWorks will not track the page visit associated with the ad click. 

Keep in mind that when you implement a Cookie Consent Banner, not all visitors may see it. Who sees your Cookie Consent Banner depends on your location and your website's traffic location.

Click here to learn what visitors are presented with a cookie consent banner.


Why don’t I see any activity yet?

You may see the message below soon after set up on the RollWorks Home page.


There are three conditions this message will show under:

  1. The RollWorks Pixel has been set up but data has not been ingested by RollWorks yet.
  2. CRM has been set up but data has not been ingested by RollWorks yet.
  3. RollWorks is ingesting data from the Pixel and CRM, but there are 0 results for contacts with ad clicks or visits to your website.

Generally, this message should go away within 24-48 hours after setup. If this message persists, please reach out to RollWorks Customer Support.


Why is the cookie count associated with my Contact List higher than expected?

When an email no longer meets the Contact List logic:

  • The email will be immediately removed from your Contact List and will not be used in any associated RollWorks Workflows.
  • The cookies associated with the email will stay in the underlying advertising audience for ~90 days and we will continue to target them through any active campaigns.

As a result, you may see a higher cookie count than expected in the advertising audience associated with the Contact List. We will continue targeting the cookies in the advertising segment for ~90 days after the email has been removed from your dynamic Contact list based on your filter logic. 

Click here to learn why we keep cookies from contact lists for 90 days and how can you stop targeting them.


What are the differences between accessing Hot Contacts via Sales Insights and RollWorks product?

Sales Insights:

  • Hot contacts surfaced within sales insights follows the definition: 1+ pg view OR 1+ ad click OR Email Opened AND Not in Sales Sequence.
  • Only action available for Hot contacts within SI widget is ‘Add to outreach sequence’.

Use case: Sales can drop Hot contacts directly into sales automation sequence. 

RollWorks product:

  • Hot contacts surfaced within RollWorks product can be further customised based on customer’s input into the rule builder. 

Use case: Marketing can better align with Sales and Ops by making updates to their CRM/MAP based on Hot Contact definition in RollWorks.


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