HubSpot Integration: re-authorize the integration

Your data will not be lost during the reauthorization

When the HubSpot integration is disconnected RollWorks Account Lists, Contact Lists, Journey Stages, ICP Models, etc are no longer updated and new RollWorks data is no longer pushed to your HubSpot instance. Reauthorizing the integration will resume the bidirectional data sync and no data will be lost during the re-authorization.

If the HubSpot user that originally authorized the ABM App leaves your company and their HubSpot user is no longer valid, you will need to re-authenticate the integration. To prevent this from happening in the future, we recommend that you create a dedicated HubSpot user to manage your integrations, instead of using an employee user profile. 

Follow the steps below to re-authorize the HubSpot Integration with RollWorks:


Step 1. Disable the integration from RollWorks


  • Click the HubSpot card under CRM & Marketing Automation.


  • The HubSpot Integration settings will open.
  • Click Disable. This step is necessary and no data will be lost.



Step 2. Connect HubSpot to RollWorks using a new user

  • Log in to RollWorks and navigate to Integrations > HubSpotScreen_Shot_2021-12-16_at_1.23.16_PM.png
  • If you have multiple HubSpot accounts, select the one you are looking to connect to RollWorks and click Choose Account.
  • In the next screen, click Connect App and you will be taken back RollWorks automatically.
  • In the next screen, mark the checkbox Gain Access to powerful... and click Save.
  • Click Done.
  • After successfully authorizing your RollWorks account you will see a prompt that says Success! We've connected your Audience to RollWorks.



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