Why can't I see any page views for an Account with ad clicks?

Before we go over the most common reasons why you may see ad clicks in RollWorks without any corresponding page views for the ad landing page is important to understand the tracking sequence for ad clicks vs page views.


How do we track Ad Clicks

Ad clicks are tracked through the publisher's website where the ad is served. When a visitor clicks on an ad RollWorks is able to track the ad click from the Publisher.



How do we track Page Views

Page views are tracked through the NextRoll Pixel installed on your website. RollWorks can only track that page view after the Pixel loads. If the visitor leaves before the Pixel has time to load, or the visitor is presented with a cookie consent banner but does not grant consent, then the page view will not be tracked by RollWorks.



Common reasons

The visitor leaves your website before the Pixel has time to load

Any visitors that click an ad and land on your website, will not be tracked if they leave your website quickly before the NextRoll Pixel has time to load.


The visitor does not provide cookie consent on your website

If a visitor clicks on one of your ads and then is taken to your website unless proper cookie consent is provided, the Pixel will not fire, and RollWorks will not track the page visit associated with the ad click. 

Keep in mind that when you implement a Cookie Consent Banner, not all visitors may see it. Who sees your Cookie Consent Banner depends on your location and your website's traffic location. Go to this article to learn what visitors are presented with a cookie consent banner.


The visitor is using an ad blocker

If the visitor is using an ad blocker that blocks 3rd party ads, it is possible for the page view not to be tracked.

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