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What are Trending Accounts

Trending Accounts is a RollWorks feature that gives you digestible information about accounts demonstrating intent and engagement so that you can take action by exporting them and sharing them with other teams, adding them to an Account List, or activating them with advertising campaigns and playbooks. The accounts you will find under Trending Accounts require timely attention because they are showing either intent (either through Bombora Company Surge or G2 buyer intent), and high engagement on your website.

By default Trending Accounts will proactively show you accounts that are demonstrating either Bombora Company Surge Intent or G2 Buyer Intent, and that have viewed at least 3 or more pages. You can also add filters to Trending Account results to customize them to your own needs.

To access Trending Accounts, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Account Insights > Overview.

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Who can access

To access Trending Accounts you need an active RollWorks package: Starter, Standard, Professional, or Ultimate. Based on your RollWorks package, Trending Accounts will be displayed based on the logic below:

RollWorks Package Trending Accounts logic
Starter Accounts with either Bombora Intent, G2 Intent, OR viewed at least 3 pages on the website.
Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Accounts with either Bombora Intent or G2 Intent, AND have viewed at least 3 pages on the website.


To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


How to set up

Before you can start viewing accounts under Trending Accounts in the RollWorks platform you must complete the items below:

  1. Install the RollWorks Pixel on your website to allow RollWorks to track your website traffic. Learn how to here.
  2. Select your desired Bombora Company Surge Intent Topics that you want to monitor in RollWorks. Learn how to here.
  3. (Optional) Connect your G2 account to RollWorks to feed your G2 Intent data to Rollworks. Learn how to here.


Customize Trending Accounts View

By default Trending Accounts will proactively show you accounts that are demonstrating either Bombora Intent or G2 Buyer Intent, and have viewed at least 3 or more pages. You can filter Trending Account results to customize them to your own needs:

  • Customize your own criteria for website engagement by setting a minimum threshold of total page views and/or unique visitors that are required to be considered an account demonstrating engagement in this view. Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 3.52.18 PM.png
  • Use the time frame filter to increase or decrease the recency of the trending accounts. The more recent the account was trending, the more urgent the marketing and sales outreach should be. The time range for which intent and engagement are meaningful signals is different depending on your sales cycle length.Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 3.53.39 PM.png
  • Use the Account List filter to find accounts that you do not currently have on any Account List.  These represent growth opportunities, and we recommend sharing these accounts with your sales counterparts, and adding these accounts to advertising campaigns or playbooks.
  • Apply the ICP filter to see if there are accounts that are trending and are also a good ICP Fit.  If you find that accounts are trending, but not a good ICP, we recommend looking into these accounts to see if the account is one that warrants marketing and sales follow-up. Learn more about how to configure your own ICP models in RollWorks here.Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 3.55.48 PM.png
  • Configure the columns to customize the metadata about the account that’s shown – customers need flexibility around the information presented with each account to make the dashboard as useful as possible.   Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 3.43.07 PM.png


How to use

Proactively prioritize your target accounts

  • Once you have placed the Pixel and selected intent topics to monitor, you’re ready to pursue the main use case of Trending Accounts: prioritizing accounts based on pre-set intent and engagement filters.
  • By default, you will see ALL accounts that have demonstrated intent or engaged on your website in the last 30 days.  These are accounts that are hand raisers and require timely attention.

Identify trending accounts that do not exist in your CRM (Salesforce or HubSpot)

  • You can understand which Trending Accounts do not exist in Salesforce or HubSpot based on your default CRM configuration.
  • You can identify uncaptured demand by identifying accounts that are in-market but aren't being worked by your marketing or sales team because the account does not exist in your CRM.
  • Download a CSV file and share it with your Sales Ops and Sales team to populate your CRM with these new account records. Align with your Sales team to select which accounts are a good fit and should be pursued both with advertising and sales outreach.



Take a relevant next action

  • Select the accounts you would like to take action on 
  • Export the list of accounts (more actions coming soon)
  • After exporting the accounts, you can share them with your team members, add the accounts to an Account List, and add the accounts to an advertising Campaign or Playbook.

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Are the accounts in my General Exclusions settings excluded from Trending Account results?

The accounts that you have excluded using the RollWorks setting called General Exclusions, will not be automatically excluded from Trending Account results. However, you can filter the results down to an individual account list, multiple account lists, or accounts that are not part of any account list to get a more tailored view of the accounts you are interested in.


Does an account have to be on an Account List to be surfaced as a Trending Account? 

Trending Accounts do not need to be on an Account List to be surfaced.  In fact, you can even filter to accounts that are not currently on an Account List to identify growth opportunities.


What are the recommended actions I should take with the Trending Accounts?

We recommend exporting the accounts to share with your team members, adding the accounts to an Account List, or adding the accounts to advertising campaigns and Playbooks.


Why would an account appear as a Trending Account, but not have a Journey Stage?

Sometimes, an account does not meet the criteria of at least one of your Journey Stages.  RollWorks will flag these accounts as 'excluded' from Journey Stages.  When this happens, we recommend checking the logic of your Journey Stages to ensure it’s more inclusive. 


Can I build an Account List of Trending Accounts?

Yes.  You can export the Trending Accounts, and upload them as an Account List using the Account List builder.


What data about Trending Accounts is synced back to my CRM?

RollWorks syncs the following data related to Trending Accounts to your CRM:

  • Historical Intent Data and Website Engagement data are available through the RollWorks Sales Insights widget in HubSpot and in Salesforce.
  • Website engagement data is synced as custom fields and properties to Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Bombora Intent data is not synced to your CRM.

Learn more about what RollWorks data is available in HubSpot.

Learn more about what RollWorks data is available in Salesforce.


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