Account Spike data available in your CRM

RollWorks Sales Insights uses data science to analyze account engagement with your website and ads and detect when an account is spiking compared to its usual activity. When a high-level account spike is detected your sales team can prioritize outreach and personalize messaging based on their specific engagement activity, pages viewed, gated content consumed, etc.


Enable the sync of Account Spike data to your CRM

Keep in mind that integrating RollWorks with Salesforce or HubSpot will not automatically enable the generation of Account Spike data. You must take additional steps to ensure that RollWorks starts detecting Account Spikes for your CRM accounts and starts syncing Account Spike data to your CRM by completing the Sales Insights initial configuration outlined below.

CRM How to configure Sales Insights
Salesforce SF LOGO.png Click here to learn how to configure Sales Insights Seats with Salesforce.


hb logo.png

Click here to learn how to configure Sales Insights Seats with HubSpot.


Account Spike data attributes

When an account spike is detected by our Account Spike data science model we will generate different data attributes (Spike Level, Last Spike Date, Spike Raw Score, Spike Score Reason, and Matched Contacts). We refer to these different data attributes as Account Spike data.

Account Spike data is then synced to your CRM daily so that your sales team always has a fresh view of their top spiking accounts:

Some spike data will not be available in your CRM

Contact-level spike data is not synced to CRM Contacts or Leads.

The following account spike data attributes are not available in HubSpot: Spike Raw Score, Spike Score Reason.


The following table includes a definition for each account spike attribute synched to your CRM daily.

Account Spike data attribute Definition Available in Salesforce Available in HubSpot
Spike Level ✍️  'Spike Level' is the primary data point that should be utilized by your Sales team to prioritize accounts spiking in engagement. We use machine learning to establish Account Spike thresholds as Low, Medium, or High. These Spike Levels are dynamic and responsive to the volume of organic site traffic for your site to ensure that when accounts are flagged as 🔥🔥🔥 High, 🔥🔥 Medium, or🔥 Low for spike activity, it is compared to your own organic website engagement.
Last Spike Timestamp ✍️ You should always use 'Last Spike Timestamp' in combination with Spike Level to prioritize Accounts with recent spikes. Shows the last time an account spiked in engagement. This is the time the last Spike in engagement was detected for the Account.
Spike Raw Score The output of the data science model looking at various inputs of account engagement.  This score is a number between 0-100 that is used to calculate Spike Level and is only visible to CRM Admins. As a Sales Insights user, you will most likely not use this data, instead, you will use 'Spike Level'.
Spike Score Reason  This field refers to the engagement actions that occurred leading to the account spiking. For example # of ad clicks, # of unique visitors, # of lead events.
Last Modified date Shows the last time Spike engagement data was pushed to your CRM.
Last Spike has Matched Contacts  This is a true/false boolean field that indicates if we were able to match the engagement Spike for this Account to any of your existing CRM contacts at the moment the Spike happened. Learn more about how we match your CRM contacts to the visitors driving the Account Spike.


Account Spike reports in your CRM

Account Spike reports are a great way to show your sales team a consolidated list of all accounts spiking in one centralized view. Your CRM admin can create an edit account spike reports and group them by sales rep or sales team to meet your sales team's needs.

Jump to one of the guides below to learn how to create account spike reports in your CRM:

CRM Instructions
Salesforce SF LOGO.png Learn more about creating Account Spike reports in Salesforce.
HubSpot hb logo.png Learn more about creating Account Spike reports in HubSpot.


Sales Insights CRM Widget

The Sales Insights widget is a window into the RollWorks platform for your sales team directly in your CRM, without the need to log in to RollWorks. Is important to note that the Sales Insights widget does not use Account Spike data written in your CRM fields to surface information, instead this widget surfaces data directly from RollWorks through the API in real-time.

The widget gives sales reps access to important account insights through an easy-to-navigate interface.

Jump to one of the guides below to learn how to use the Sales Insights Widget:

CRM Instructions
Salesforce SF LOGO.png

Learn more about the Sales Insights Widget for Salesforce.

HubSpot hb logo.png Learn more about the Sales Insights Widget for HubSpot.


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