Recent Changes

In January 2022, we introduced a new UI navigation to make it easier for you to get around the RollWorks platform and quickly find what you are looking for.

We have made design changes to the UI navigation as well as renamed and reorganized some sections. No functionality has changed with the new UI navigation - only how you access that functionality.

Read on to learn more about the improvements and changes from the previous UI navigation!

New UI Navigation Old UI Navigation
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 1.19.31 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 1.50.21 PM.png


Who can access

All RollWorks customers will automatically see the new UI navigation after January 11th, 2022. 

Depending on your RollWorks subscription package, you may see fewer options in the RollWorks navigation sidebar. For example, if you don't have a subscription package active, you will not see 'Playbooks' or 'Account Lists' as part of your RollWorks account navigation.

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Features and Benefits

  • The sections have been reorganized to make it easier to find what you are looking for:
        • The Account Insights section provides tailored fit, intent, engagement, and cross-channel measurement insights about any account.
        • The Audiences section contains all of your lists of accounts and contacts that you can use to activate or engage.
        • The Advertising section consolidates all advertising-related functionality in one place.
        • The Sales Automation section consolidates all sales automation functionality in one place.
  • We added an Integrations section to easily see which integrations you have connected, configure existing integrations, or set up new integrations.
  • We added a Home link for easily navigating back to the homepage. You can still click on the RollWorks logo to go back to the Home page too!
  • The Help & Support section has a new link to the RollWorks Community. If you don't have access yet email us at to join and learn from your fellow marketers and ABM practitioners!
  • The new navigation sidebar now stays open by default when your window size is large enough, making it easier to click over to other sections of the platform.
  • We have updated the page titles throughout the platform to be more descriptive. We all have so many browser tabs open these days, so we hope this will be a helpful change!


Navigate the RollWorks UI

The table below will help you find your way around your RollWorks account. Depending on your RollWorks package, you may see fewer options in your own RollWorks account.

  • The features marked with a key 🔑   in the table below are not available for customers without a package.
  • The features marked as with an asterisk * have been renamed, for example, 'Target Accounts' is now called 'Account Lists'. Click here to see all the terminology changes.
New UI Navigation Old UI Navigation


Account Insights > Journey Stages🔑 

Measure > Journey Stages

Account Insights > 3rd Party Intent🔑 

Identify > Target Accounts* > Account Intent* 

Account Insights > Website Analytics🔑 

Measure > Website Analytics

Account Insights > ICP Insights🔑 

Identify > ICP Insights


Audiences > Account Lists🔑 

Identify > Target Accounts* 

Audiences  > Contact Audiences

Identify > Ad Audiences* > Connected Audiences* 

Audiences > Website Audiences 

Identify > Ad Audiences* > Site audiences*


Advertising > Campaigns & Playbooks🔑 

'Playbooks' not available without a package

Engage > Playbooks  

Engage > Ad Campaigns*

Advertising > Ad Library

Engage > Ads*

Advertising > Reports

If you have a package: Measure > Campaign Analytics*

If you don't have a package: Measure > Ad Reports*

Advertising > Attribution🔑 

Measure > Attribution



Not visible if you don't have a package

Sales Automation > Sequences🔑 

Engage > Sales Automation

Sales Automation > Contact Data🔑  

Identify > Contact Data

Sales Automation > Tasks🔑 

Engage > Tasks

Sales Automation > Settings🔑 

Engage > Automation Settings 

Identify > Data Settings

Sales Automation > Reports🔑 

 Measure > Sales Reports

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 2.20.30 PM.png

- CRM & Marketing Automation  > Salesforce🔑  , HubSpotMarketo

- 3rd Party Data🔑  > G2

- Advertising Channels > LinkedIn🔑  & Facebook/Instagram

- Website Analytics > Site Visitor API🔑  

Not present in old navigation


- Settings > Account, Company, Billing, Data Collection, Exclusion Settings & Sales Insights🔑 

No changes


(?) Help & Support > Contact Support, Help CenterRollWorks Community

(?) Help & Support > Contact Support & Help Center


Terminology changes

To simplify and clarify a number of sections throughout the platform, we have made the following terminology changes:



Target Account Lists

Account Lists

Ad Audiences


Connected Audiences & CRM Audiences

Contact Audiences

Site Audiences

Website Audiences

Account Intent

3rd Party Intent

Ad Campaigns


Ads (section)

Ad Library

Impact Dashboard

Account-Based Advertising Report

Sales Reports

Sales Automation Reports



How do I keep the navigation sidebar open?

If you’re using a wide enough browser window, you will have the option of keeping the navigation bar open or collapsing it for more space.

  • Click the icon in the upper right corner of the navigation to toggle between collapsed and expanded mode.
  • If the icon does not appear, that means your browser or device window is not wide enough. The navigation will always be in collapsed mode for small window sizes.

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 7.53.39 PM.png


Will the URLs that I’ve saved/bookmarked to access my favorite RollWorks account sections still work?

The new RollWorks UI navigation is compatible with all existing URLs. That means that any links you’ve saved will continue to work.


How do I provide feedback about the new UI Navigation?

We will be using an in-product modal as well as a follow-up survey through Survey Monkey to gather feedback from you about your experience with the new UI navigation. You can also provide feedback in the RollWorks Community and we will pass it along to the product team.

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