What RollWorks data is available in Hubspot reports?

The RollWorks integration with HubSpot enables you to view your advertising campaign engagement metrics from RollWorks at a company level, based on your HubSpot Company records. You can also see aggregated company-level performance reports and dashboards. 

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Can I see contact-level RollWorks advertising metrics in Hubspot?

With the RollWorks + Hubspot integration, you will not be able to see contact-level ad performance metrics. Only account-level advertising performance metrics are available.

How is RollWorks data synced to Hubspot?

  • The data sync between RollWorks and HubSpot is scheduled daily at 9:00 am (UTC).
  • The export syncs the last 30 days of company-level campaign data between matched RollWorks company domains and HubSpot Company website URLs. 
  • You must create at least one Account List in your RollWorks account, and data will only be exported to HubSpot for companies included on your Account Lists.
  • If duplicate Company records exist in HubSpot, RollWorks matches domains based on the Company record with the most recent last modified date.

What are the Custom Company Properties that RollWorks exports to HubSpot?

After completing the HubSpot Integration process outlined in this Help Center guide, RollWorks will automatically create a set of custom Company Properties in your HubSpot instance to export our ad performance data.

These Custom Company Properties are:

Hubspot custom Company Property Definition
RollWorks Last Activity The date on which the last RollWorks attributed Impression or Click was recorded
RollWorks Impressions Sum of company level impressions for 30 days since last activity date
RollWorks Impression Cost Sum of RollWorks spend against a company for 30 days since last activity date
RollWorks Clicks Sum of RollWorks company level ad clicks for 30 days since last activity date
RollWorks Page Views Sum of pages viewed by the company for 30 days since last activity date
RollWorks Conversions Total of click and view conversions by a company for 30 days since last activity date
RollWorks CTC Sum of click-through conversions by a company for 30 days since last activity date
RollWorks VTC Sum of view-through conversions by a company for last 30 days since last activity date


How do I create reports and dashboards in HubSpot to view RollWorks performance metrics?

Because the RollWorks data is stored in your HubSpot custom Company Properties, this data can be used to create custom reports, and dashboards directly in HubSpot.

To create a custom report in HubSpot follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to HubSpot. Go to 'Reports' and click 'Create Custom Report'Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 12.13.10 PM.png
  2. Select 'Single Object', choose the 'Company' object, and click 'Next'
      • Note: only company-level advertising performance metrics are availableReport Builder HubSpot 2021-10-25 at 12.08.14 PM.jpg
  3. Click 'Add Company Property' and add 'Company Name'Screen Recording 2021-10-25 at 12.41.09 PM.gif
  4. Click 'Add Company Property' and search RollWorks: The Custom Properties listed above will be displayed, click the name of each custom property to add them to your report. Once you have selected all the RollWorks properties, click 'Next'Screen Recording 2021-10-25 at 12.27.34 PM.gif
  5. Choose the following and click 'Save'
      • Choose chart type = 'Table'
      • Configure table = 'Unsummarized data table

hb create report.png

​​Once you have finished creating your report, you can choose to save just the report or add the report to a HubSpot dashboard to view RollWorks Ad Performance metrics for any company record in HubSpot that is on an Account List in RollWorks.

You can add RW company-level performance data from RollWorks to any company-level reports in Hubspot by adding these custom company properties to your reports. 


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