What are AdGroups and how to use them

What are AdGroups?

The purpose of AdGroups is to organize the ads within your campaign and strategically direct them to specific audiences.

AdGroups let you group relevant ads and serve them to a specific audience. If you're running a seasonal promotion that highlights a new product, you can serve ads containing this product to the associated audience.

For example, visitors who view http://yousite.com/pricing-productline1 can be defined as an audience and can be shown ads in the AdGroup called "Product Line 1". By serving relevant ads to an interested audience, you can increase your click-through rate (CTR) and win more conversions. 

How can I create AdGroups?

  1. Click into your campaign from the Campaigns table under the Social and Display ads tab and then click the 'Edit Campaign' button on the right navigation bar.
  2. Within the Campaign Settings section, click 'Advanced Options'
  3. Click the 'Add New AdGroup' button.

You can see and measure performance across each AdGroup. We'll provide reporting on both cost and conversion metrics on the AdGroup level, which will allow you to test new images and copy as you refine your advertising. A/B testing like this is simple with AdGroups.

How can I copy AdGroups?

Once you create an AdGroup, you can copy it by editing your campaign.

  1. Go to the Social and Display Ads tab in the left navigation menu
  2. Click into the campaign that you want to edit in the 'Campaigns' table
  3. Click 'Edit'
  4. Within the 'Campaign Settings', click 'Advanced Options'
  5. Hover over the existing 'AdGroup name'
  6. Click on the 'Copy icon' that appears
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