What is the difference between Current Audience Size and Unique Visitors?

There are two key website Audience metrics used in the RollWorks platform: Current Audience Size and Unique Visitors. These metrics will help you understand your website visitor behavior based on how you define and organize your audiences.

You can see both metrics for each of your audiences in the Rollworks platform:

      1. Go to 'Identify > 'Ad Audiences'
      2.  Scroll Down to 'Site Audiences'



Current Audience Size

Current Audience Size is the number of visitors tracked in an audience based on the number of days you have defined for your audience cookie duration. This is the total number of visitors who can be targeted using this audience.

For example:

  • We created an audience named "Pricing Page Visitors - 90 Days" to track visitors to your pricing page.
  • During the audience creation, we have selected the cookie duration for this audience to be 90 days. We
  • 8,441 is the total number of visitors to the pricing page during the last 90 days. This is the maximum number of visitors that can be targeted using this audience.


Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors is the number of unique visitors tracked during the date range selected in the 'Site Audiences' date picker.

For example:

  • Select 'Last 14 days' as your date range under 'Site Audiences':


  • 1,244 are the unique visitors who have seen your pricing page in the last 14 days.




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