Journey Events FAQ

Can I only access Journey Event data points in Journey Stages section of the RollWorks platform?

Journey Event data is accessible anywhere in the platform where there is a list of accounts shown for reporting or execution purposes. In addition to the Journey Stages section of the RollWorks platform, Journey Event data points can be accessed via the Campaign Analytics and Target Accounts pages. In the list of accounts displayed in these places, users can click into the account and see the applicable Journey Events


Why don’t I see events from Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo or G2 in Journey Events?

For these events to appear, the appropriate integrations need to be in place.  Please see the list below to enable all events for Journey Events:


Can I see Journey Events in my Salesforce CRM?

At this point, only certain events are available to report on in Salesforce: web activity, advertising activity, Account Spikes, Journey Stage Progression, and Salesforce Opportunity and Activity information can be reported on in Salesforce. 

We plan to include marketing automation events and daily activity score information into Salesforce going forward.

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