Journey Events Use Cases & Best Practices


Best Practices

To fully take advantage of Journey Events we recommend following the best practices below:

  • Connect your CRM and MAP systems to RollWorks: Ensure your Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, and/or G2 are integrated. This will allow you to use data that exists in these systems to build a holistic cross-channel view of your account’s journey.
  • Look at high touch point accounts: Utilize high touch point accounts to understand which events you should invest more resources in and which ones you should modify or discontinue.
  • Talk to your sales team: share specific account journey events with them and ensure sales reps and SDRs are looking at the journey events visualization within Salesforce when they review an account. This will provide your sales team with valuable engagement and advertising insights for account discovery and prioritization.


Use Case: Understand activity impact

The first use case we recommend is to use Journey Events to help both marketing and sales understand their touchpoints’ impact on their accounts through the buying journey.

Journey Events pulls all external activities into Rollworks and maps them to their associated accounts and layers on stage data. All of this is combined into a single visualization so you can measure what activities are progressing accounts throughout the customer journey and which ones are not.


Use Case: Refining ABM efficiency

The second way we recommend using Journey Events is to highlight areas of improvement in your ABM program.  

Journey Events does this by showing which activities align with changes in account engagement as well as account movement through the stages of the buying journey, allowing you to adjust activities that aren’t having the desired impact.  With this information, you can refine their ABM strategy and improve the efficiency of their spend.


Use Case: Align Marketing and Sales

Lastly, it is recommended to use journey events to provide sales both engagement and journey stage information that can be utilized during the sales cycle and tailor the approach for each account.

Journey Events consolidates all activities into a single visualization where all of an account’s activities are mapped to changes in Journey Stages so sales and marketing can have up-to-date information on how their accounts are moving along the buying journey.

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