Getting Started with the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights Integration

How to get connected to RollWorks

Within Microsoft Dynamics, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Connections.
  2. Select Add connection and choose RollWorks to configure the connection.
  3. Give your connection a recognizable name in the Display name field. The name and the type of the connection describe this connection. We recommend choosing a name that explains the purpose and target of the connection.
  4. Choose who can use this connection. If you take no action, the default will be Administrators. For more information, see Allow contributors to use a connection for exports.
  5. Select I agree to confirm the Data privacy and compliance.
  6. Select Connect to initialize the connection to RollWorks.
  7. Select Authenticate with RollWorks and provide your admin credentials for RollWorks.
  8. Select Add yourself as export user and provide your Customer Insights credentials.
  9. Select Save to complete the connection.

You can configure this export if you have access to a connection of this type. For more information, see Permissions needed to configure an export.


How to export people lists to RollWorks

Within Microsoft Dynamics, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Data > Exports.
  2. To create a new export, select Add destination.
  3. In the Connection for export field, choose a connection from the RollWorks section. If you don't see this section name, there are no connections of this type available to you.
  4. Enter your RollWorks Advertisable ID, which you can find from the URL bar after "advertisable=" when logged into your RollWorks profileScreen_Shot_2021-06-15_at_1.58.13_PM.png 
  5. In the Data matching section, in the Email field, select the field in your unified customer profile that represents a customer's email address. This is required to export segments to RollWorks.
  6. Select the segments you want to export. You must select a segment with a minimum of 100 members. Additionally the maximum size of a segment to export is 250,000 members per export.
  7. Select Save.
  8. Saving an export doesn't run the export immediately. The export runs with every scheduled refresh. You can also export data on demand
  9. You can access the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights segment in RollWorks by navigating to Identification -> Ad Audiences -> Connected Audiences

How to use Microsoft Dynamics Exported Lists in RollWorks

  1. Navigate to Identification -> Ad Audiences -> Connected Audiences to view the MDCI segment in RollWorks as an email audience. It will be listed under
  2. Reach known contacts from email lists with digital advertising from RollWorks to Drive awareness and nurture contacts with targeted messaging across channels  
  3. Navigate to Engage -> Ad Campaigns -> Create Campaign
    1. To engage email audience on the Web, select Websites & Apps
    2. To engage email audience on Facebook, select Facebook
    3. Follow the set up instructions for the campaign
    4. In Audience section, select the email audience synced from Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights

Use cases and additional details on the RollWorks and Microsoft Dynamics Integration

  • Mutual Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights and RollWorks customers can sync email audiences and engage known contacts (prospects and / or current customers) through ad campaign strategies across Web and Facebook using the RollWorks platform
  • You can export up to 250,000 profiles per export to RollWorks.
  • You can't export segments with fewer than 100 valid emails to RollWorks.
  • Exporting to RollWorks is limited to segments.
  • Exporting up to 250,000 profiles to RollWorks can take up to 10 minutes to complete.


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