RollWorks Account List Builder: How to Discover new accounts using RollWorks Data

The RollWorks Account List Builder allows users on a RollWorks ABM contract to discover accounts using firmographic data from our database of more than 18 million companies and organize discovered accounts into Target Account Lists to engage and measure in the RollWorks platform.

Note that based on your RollWorks subscription, you will have access to a different number of credits to discover accounts using RollWorks data, so please reach out to your Account Manager with any questions on the maximum number of accounts you would be able to pull using our Discover Accounts capabilities.

In order to Discover Accounts within RollWorks, follow the following steps: 

1. Select "Create a List" in the "Target Accounts" section of the "Identify" tab within the RollWorks platform.


2. In the "Create an Account List" builder, select "RollWorks Company Attributes" within the drop down menu


3. Here you will be able to see the various firmographic filters that you can use to create your target account list


4. Once you have selected the filters you want from our database, you can also add additional filters available in the Account List Builder (like Salesforce or Hubspot fields) using the AND function (see below for an example of me combining some of the firmographic data from our database with an Account Owner field from Salesforce.




5. Once you are satisfied with your Account List, you can click continue and set up Account Groups using the same sort of logic. For example, here I am using Industry filters to create my Account Groups so that I can keep them in separate Account Targeting playbooks and use appropriate creative for each industry.


6. Once I am finished and save, I can easily change my list or group logic at any point by navigating back to the Target Account List and selecting "Edit List Logic" or "Edit Group Logic"


Video Walkthrough

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