Getting Started with the LeanData Integration

Getting Started with the LeanData Integration

View the RollWorks and Salesforce installation guide to integrate your RollWorks and Salesforce instances.

If you're curious about how to set up LeanData Flows, we recommend viewing their help center.

How to Use the LeanData Integration

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to the RollWorks List Manager.LD_1.png
  2. Determine if your strategy requires a People List (contacts and/or leads) OR a Company List.  
  3. Select the People or Company criteria that will enable you to mirror the LeanData Flow.LD_2.png
  4. Company Lists can be used in RollWorks’ Target Accounts tab.  People Lists can be accessed in RollWorks’ connected audiences tab.LD_3.png


Best Practices

  1. Make sure that any LeanData Flows you would like to mimic are available as fields on the Account, Opportunity, Contact, Lead, or Campaign object.  If they are not, RollWorks will not be able to build a Company or People List with them.
  2. Mirror the same flows you have built for Sales Automation or sales alerts in your RollWorks Company and People List builder.
  3. Align your messaging in display, social, and sales automation to ensure your prospects have unified experience across channels.
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