Discover Accounts Overview

What is the Discover Accounts Feature?

The Discover Accounts feature uses RollWorks' database of 18 million B2B accounts to create Target Account Lists (TAL) based on key firmographic and technographic attributes.

Who is Eligible to Access?

All RollWorks customers on a subscription have access to the Discover Accounts feature.

Features and Benefits

  • Create quality target account lists. Build and/or expand the foundation of your account-based marketing programs
  • Segment and prioritize target accounts lists by industry, company size, revenue, and more for targeted sales outreach and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Boost ROI. Focus the marketing budget on the top accounts that display high fit for your product or service
  • Align marketing and sales. Surface the most promising accounts for coordinated sales and marketing plays

Getting Started with the Discover Accounts Feature

Watch this short video on how to get started or review the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Identify → Target Accounts → Create a List → Discover Accounts
  2. Select attributes that define your Ideal Customer Profile (ie: company industry = software/IT, company size = 500-999).
  3. View results


  • The number of accounts available in the Discovery Pool depends on your subscription package. If you wish to upgrade, please contact your Account Manager or


  • By default, we will exclude your own brand and all current customers and competitors outlined in General Exclusions


Best Practices

  • Review and send this information to your sales team to help prioritize outreach.
  • You can further segment the TAL with Account Groups (i.e. segment by Company Industry, Company Revenue, or Intent Topics).
  • Activate the TAL and Account Group in an Account Targeting Playbook to drive awareness and engagement.




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