RollWorks Account List Builder: FAQ

Can accounts be in more than one Account List or Account Group?

Yes, accounts can exist in more than one Account List or Account Group. However, we recommend keeping a careful watch for accounts being duplicated across Account Lists and Account Groups as this can cause messaging duplication. 

What is the difference between an Account List and an Account Group?

Account Groups are subsets of Account Lists. When building the logic for an Account List, any account in your CRM or in RollWorks’ account database could be included. However, when building the logic for an Account Group, only accounts.

Why aren't accounts I've added to my Account Group appearing?

Remember that you can only add accounts to an Account Group if they have been added to the actual Account List. This means that if you edit Account Group logic to include new accounts, it will not actually add those accounts unless you also edit the List Logic to include those accounts

For example, if I want to add "" to an account group, I'd have to make sure to add "" to the actual list itself before it would show up on said Account Group and be targetable in a playbook.

Can I edit my Account Lists and Account Groups after they have been created?

Yes, you can edit both the Account List and Account Group logic by selecting “Manage List” and “Edit List Logic” or “Edit Group Logic” in the top right corner.

Why don’t I see certain fields or properties from Salesforce, HubSpot, or Marketo?

There are a few reasons why certain fields may not be available:

  • RollWorks does not enable fields with HTML to be used in the List Builder.
  • RollWorks does not ingest fields on custom objects. If you have a use case to use fields on custom objects, please reach out to the Product Manager, Bowie Sievers ( 
  • Certain fields may be inaccessible due to the permissions of the user who authenticated the integration.  

Can I see which accounts were added or removed?

Not today, but we will be adding a change log in the coming months.

Is there a maximum number of accounts that can be in an Account List or Account Group?

The maximum number of accounts that can be in an Account Group is 10,000.  There is no maximum number of accounts that can be in an Account List.  

Why is the number of accounts in RollWorks different than the number of accounts in Salesforce or HubSpot?

RollWorks ingests accounts and companies from Salesforce and HubSpot based on the website.  Any account or company that does not have a website associated with the record will not be ingested.  Furthermore, often multiple accounts and companies have similar websites (e.g., and  When this happens, RollWorks counts those records as one account in its system.

What is the difference between Connected Audiences and dynamic Account Audiences? 

Connected Audiences are synced email lists and located in Ad Audiences, because their primary use is in advertising campaigns.  Account Lists and Account Groups are located in Target Accounts and have applications in not only advertising, but also account insight around fit, intent, and engagement.

How do I remove a single domain from a Target Account List

If you are in a situation where you want to remove a single domain from your target account list, and don't want to change the underlying logic, the following is how you can do that:

- Select "Edit List Logic" when the Target Account List is selected

- Once in the "Edit List Logic" section, add an "AND" statement selecting "RollWorks Company Attributes" as the data source, with "Domain" as the field


- Click on the "=" sign to bring up a menu that allows you to select "Does Not Equal"


- Add in the domain(s) that you wish to remove from the list, then save the changes to the list by clicking "Continue"



How do I remove several domains from a Target Account List?

If you need to remove more than a few domains, we recommend the following:

List is a static CSV Upload:

- Export the list in the Target Account List menu:Screen_Shot_2021-07-15_at_5.36.47_PM.png

- In your CSV export, remove all columns except "Domain", and remove any domains that you want to remove

- Go back to the list manager, "Edit List Logic", and remove the existing CSV to replace with the one you have just created


List is using dynamic fields from RollWorks or your integrated CRM platform:

- Instead of removing individual domains, we encourage adjusting your list logic to better reflect the changes you are trying to make. For example, instead of removing an individual domain because it has moved to "Closed Won" and therefore should not be worked anymore, it might make more sense to add in a dynamic field that denotes "Closed Won" from Salesforce or Hubspot using the "AND" and the "Does Not Equal" function to scrub those out dynamically. Your RollWorks Account Manager can offer suggestions as to what makes sense based on your integrations and CRM architecture.

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