Account Suggestions Overview

What is Account Suggestions?

If you’re looking to expand your Target Account List (TAL), you can use Account Suggestions to discover net-new accounts that are a good fit for your business based on your custom predictive model. This helps you get in front of new unknown accounts and improve your account-based strategy.

Who is Eligible to Access?

Customers who are on the Professional and Ultimate packages have access to the Account Suggestion feature. If you are a current customer and wish to upgrade your account, please contact your Account Manager or

How to Get Started with Account Suggestions

  1. First, you will need to grade your TAL by following the instructions outlined in the Account Scoring article. 
  2. Once your TAL is graded, you will see a “Suggestions” section under List Optimizations.AS_1.png
  3. After reviewing the suggestions, you can choose to add these accounts to a new account group or to an existing account group.AS_2.png
  4. Engage these accounts in an Account Targeting Playbook or Intent Targeting Playbook

Note: if you add the accounts to an existing account group that is currently targeted in a Playbook, no further action is needed to activate them. The changes to the account group will dynamically update in the Playbook.

Best Practices

Review and evaluate new high value accounts to engage in an ad campaign or send this information to your sales team to help prioritize outreach.

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