Configure Account, Contact, and Lead Page Layouts for Salesforce

We recommend including several custom fields from the RollWorks Summary objects to the page layout of the Account, Contact, and Lead page layouts to show RollWorks performance data on the corresponding record.

Step 1: Add the RollWorks Summary Related List

Working with your Salesforce system admin, click the Edit Layout button from an Account, Contact, or Lead record page to enter the Page Layout Editor flow. In the editor modal, scroll down to Related Lists, and drag & drop the RollWorks Account Summary (will be called RollWorks User Summary for Contact and Lead page layouts) into the Page Layout.


Step 2: Add the RollWorks Summary Fields

Next, click the wrench icon (in Salesforce classic) to pull up the available fields to add into the RollWorks Summary Related List. 

We recommend selecting the following fields to add to page layout:

  • Impressions
  • Impression Costs - Spend
  • Clicks
  • Page Views - Account Summary only
  • VTC - View-through Conversion
  • CTC - Click-through Conversion
  • Look Back Days - The length of your Tracking Data Timeframe window

Step 3: Save and Repeat for Remaining Objects

Save your new page layout settings, and you will now see RollWorks Summary data on the page layout of your Salesforce record.

Next, add the RollWorks Summary related list to the remaining record page layouts so it is added to the Account, Contact, and Lead pages.

Important things to note regarding object summary data: 

  1. These fields are only visible to users with RollWorks Admin or RollWorks Marketer permission sets granted
  2. The data is summarized for the time period tied to the Tracking Data Timeframe (days) custom setting. 

For more information on how RollWorks summarizes data on Account, Contact, and Lead objects, click here.

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