Event-based Pixel Troubleshooting Guide

The purpose of this document is to outline advanced troubleshooting steps you can take to confirm if the dedicated Pixel for an Event-based audience is firing correctly. 

These instructions apply only if the user-triggered event that you are troubleshooting reloads the page or directs the user to another URL.

If the page does not reload nor directs the user to another URL you should use PixelPal to troubleshoot your event-based Pixel implementation. 

Troubleshooting Instructions

Open Chrome Developer Tools:

  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Go to the URL on your website that has the Event-based audience implemented
  3. Open Developer Tools by right-clicking your mouse and click 'Inspect'

In the Developer Tools:

  1. Go to the tab 'Network'
  2. Mark the checkbox 'Preserve log'
  3. In the network call search box: 
    • Type name= → use this option if you DO NOT know the event segment EID or snippet pattern ID
    • Enter the event segment EID → use this option if you know the event segment EIDScreen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_4.49.58_PM.png
  4. Perform a conversion test: fill out the form and hit the submit button
  5. You will see the network calls under the “Name” column → click the adroll call
  6. You can confirm the Event-based pixel is firing correctly in a couple of ways:
    • Click Headers → General → Request URL → search for “name=[snippet pattern ID]”Screen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_5.05.42_PM.png
    • Click Headers → General → Response Headers → search for the segment details:
      • x-segment-display-name: name of your audience segment
      • x-segment-eid: audience segment EID
      • x-segment-name: snippet pattern IDScreen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_5.14.26_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_5.19.44_PM.png


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