Checking for Event Pixels Guide


The purpose of this document is to outline the steps you will take to confirm if an Event Pixel is firing correctly. 

Note: This method of checking is only necessary when the conversion event reloads the page or navigates you to another URL. If the page doesn’t reload, PixelPal will have the relevant segment event data (assuming event code fires correctly with the base pixel on the page).


  1. Navigate to the landing page on your website that has the event-based audience
  2. Open Developer Tools by right clicking on your mouse → click Inspect 
  3. Navigate to the “Network” tab → make sure the “Preserve log” box is checked
  4. In the network call search box, type: 
    • “name=” → use this option if you DO NOT know the event segment EID or snippet pattern ID
    • “[segment ID]” → use this option if you know the event segment EIDRW_EP_1.png
  5. Perform a test conversion by filling out the form with your information → hit the submit button
  6. You will see the network calls under the “Name” column → click into the domain call
  7. You can confirm the Event Pixel is firing correctly a couple of ways:
    • Headers → General → Request URL → search for “name=[snippet pattern ID]”RW_EP_2.png
    • Headers → General → Response Headers → search for the segment details:
      • x-segment-display-name: name of your audience segment
      • x-segment-eid: audience segment EID
      • x-segment-name: snippet pattern IDRW_EP_3.png
      • RW_EP_4.png


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