RollWorks Impact Overview Dashboard FAQ

How do I see data for a specific account on my Target Account List (TAL)?

By default, the dashboard will aggregate data for all TALs. However, you can filter for a specific TAL or Account Group to better understand performance for different programs. 


Can I export the data?

Yes, you can find the export button at the bottom of the page after clicking into the ☰ icon from the Overview page.



Does the RollWorks Impact Overview dashboard include data from all campaigns?

The dashboard aggregates data from all Playbooks, Web, and LinkedIn campaigns.

Where can I find information on leads and conversions?

The Granular Conversion Report (GCR) helps you understand the channels, campaigns, and ads that influence your conversions: Measure > Campaign Analytics > Scheduled Reports > Granular Conversions

Can I schedule these reports to send to my email at a regular cadence?

Not at this time. However, you can export the account level metrics found in these reports. Find our list of reports that can be scheduled by navigating to: Measure > Campaign Analytics > Scheduled Reports 

What metrics can I see in the RollWorks Impact Overview dashboard vs the RollWorks ABM App on Salesforce (SFDC)?

Both the RollWorks Impact Overview dashboard and SFDC can report on media metrics (ie: spend, impression, clicks, conversions) and pipeline & engagement metrics (ie: influenced opportunities, page views). 

Note: Engagement data such as Unique Visitors and Engaged Visitors are not available in the existing SFDC report. However, you can access these data points with our Sales Insights product.  

Can I see historical data of an account after deleting it from a Target Account List (TAL) or removing it from an Account Group (AG)?

If an account is deleted from a TAL or AG, we will continue to surface historical spend data up until the date of removal.  

How is “Influenced Opportunity” and “Influenced Revenue” defined and attributed?

By default, RollWorks defines an influenced opportunity and influenced revenue as opportunities that were created when: 

  • the account was served at least 1 ad impression from RollWorks or the account has clicked at least 1 ad served from RollWorks.
  • the ad impression or click happened 14 days before an opportunity was created in Salesforce.

Note: you can edit these thresholds by clicking into the gear icon.

Can I see the exact pages an account has engaged with on our website?

Yes, click into an account to be guided to their Website Activity report. You will be able to review and export the number of Unique Visitors and Page Views tied to individual URL pages on your website where your RollWorks pixel is placed. Within the Website Activity report, you can review total website activity from an account (All Traffic) and website activity from an account that occurred after being served an ad (RollWorks Impacted).





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