RollWorks & PFL Integration Overview

What is the PFL Integration?

Integrate your RollWorks and PFL platforms so you can inform your direct mail and gifting strategy using RollWorks account and contact data. Powered by RollWorks’ account-based platform, the RollWorks and PFL integration enables mutual customers to use RollWorks’ account and contact data to create automated workflows for sending direct mail and gifts to prospects and customers.

Watch this video to see how the integration works!

Who is Eligible to Access?

This integration requires a contract with both RollWorks and PFL - in order to take advantage of the integration, you must:

  • Have the RollWorks Starter, Standard, Professional, or Ultimate package, and have integrated your RollWorks and Salesforce accounts.
  • Be a customer of PFL and have integrated your PFL and Salesforce accounts.

Features and Benefits


  • Account and Contact advertising data
  • Account and Contact website engagement data
  • Automated processes to automate adding contacts to direct mail campaigns


  • Improve your direct mail and gifting strategies by using data and machine learning
  • Access user-level advertising and website interactions to determine when and who you send to
  • Automate adding contacts to direct mail and gifting campaigns when the account or contact satisfies advertising and/or engagement criteria you customize.


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