Site Visitor API FAQ

What kind of data is available via the Site Visitor API?

Site Visitor API provides firmographic attributes such as Domain, Company Name, Industry, Company Size (Employees), Company Revenue

What makes our data / approach different from other options in the marketplace? 

While some other providers might utilize IP address only in determining the firmographic profile of a web visitor, we make use of a variety of data including IP, 3rd party data, and user submitted data from our co-op. This results in robust deanonymization capabilities than IP based methods alone. 

Can the Site Visitor API data be pulled retroactively?

Once data is written into Google Analytics, you can then run retroactive reporting. The API itself is a real-time API and doesn't provide historical reporting.

What partner applications can ingest Site Visitor API data currently?

Google Analytics, Uberflip, Reactful and Hushly

How reliant are we on IP? With COVID-19 and work from home (WFH), is this still effective?

As IP is just one of many methods we use to identify a site visitor, we continue to be able to have a robust capability even as many people WFH.

Can we add more attribute data to the Site Visitor API?

We'd love to learn more about your needs and use cases, please reach out to your Account Manager with any inquiries.

How is the information provided by this API different than what was provided in ICP Insights?

ICP insights provides aggregated insights about the firmographic profile of your web visitors over a period of time. The Site Visitor API provides much more granular data for each site visitor at the session level and is suitable for detailed analytics and personalization use cases.

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