RollWorks & Folloze Partnership Overview

What is the Folloze Partnership?

With Folloze and RollWorks, enterprise sales and marketing teams get a powerful solution to convert prospects into customers. Target the right accounts, provide highly-scalable, personalized experiences, and know precisely how, when, and why targets are engaging.

The combined solution solves many current ABM challenges, including poor engagement and generic experiences that cause prospects to lose interest. Organizations can precisely target, engage with deep personalization, and measure prospect engagement within their ideal customer profile (ICP).

Who is eligible to access?

This partnership requires a contract with both RollWorks and Folloze. 

Features and Benefits


  • Direct partnership with Folloze
  • Add “variables” to your clickthrough parameters
  • Use “variables” in Folloze to customize the Boards


  • Create Folloze Boards to mirror your engagement strategy in RollWorks by
  • Buying persona
  • Industry
  • Awareness stage
  • Individual accounts
  • Increase organic and paid conversion rates by creating highly targeted and personalized online experiences at scale
  • Conduct full funnel experimentation optimizing all digital assets with one solution


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