Getting Started with RW Guide (Part 2): Picking Your First Goal and Tactic


Depending on what RollWorks subscription package you’re on, different "Tactics" will be available to you. Every single tactic is independent - you can chart the path you want to based on the use cases that resonates most with you. With that said, we have recommended paths based on your investment with RollWorks.

Contracted Customers

If you are on a RollWorks subscription package:

To start, we recommend utilizing the tactics underneath the "Define and Understand your Target Accounts" goal. These tactics will help you build and prioritize the best Target Account List (TAL).

From there, we recommend utilizing the "Advertising to your Target Accounts" goal. If you have the "Intent Targeting on Web" tactic available to you, we recommend first advertising to your Target Accounts that are showing intent and then using your remaining budget for Web on the "Account Targeting on Web" tactic. If you are planning to run LinkedIn campaigns with RollWorks it’s good to complete this tactic at this time.

After developing your TAL and beginning to advertise to your Target Accounts, the remaining tactics are up to you to explore in combination with your Account Manager to figure out exactly the right use cases for your business.

Non-Contracted Customers

If you are not on a RollWorks subscription package:

To start, we recommend completing the "Retargeting on Web" tactic within the "Advertise to your Site Traffic" goal. From there, you’re free to run retargeting on Facebook or advertise to your specific contacts based on your interest.

If you are interested in learning more about our ABM functionality, please reach out to or get in touch with our Sales team

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