Getting Started: Picking Your First Goal & Tactic

The first thing you will see when logging in are 5 different campaign tactics that RollWorks offers.


You can choose the campaign tactics that best align with your ABM goals and strategy:

  1. Define and understand your target Accounts.
  2. Advertise to your target Accounts.
  3. Advertise to your Site Traffic.
  4. Advertise to Specific Contacts.
  5. Enable your Sales Team.


Goal 1: Define and understand your target accounts





Learn which Accounts show Intent

See which accounts are showing interest in defined topics

- Learn the differences between intent and engagement.

- Learn the differences between the different intent sources available to you.

- Choose your Bombora Company Surge Intent Topics.

- Choose your RollWorks Intent Keywords.

- Create an Account List based on Intent signals.

Understand your customers

Defining a strong ideal customer profile (ICP) is fundamental in understanding what companies and types of companies should be added to your Account List

- ICP Insights Overview

- How to use an ICP template to develop your ABM strategy.

- Upload your ICP model in RollWorks to power Account Scoring.

Discover Accounts


Find and add accounts to your Account List that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Find and add accounts to your Account List that are showing high intent and website engagement.

- Create an Account List using ICP fit.

- View Trending Accounts and the pages they visited.

Score your Account Lists

Prioritize your Account Lists based on attributes that matter

- Upload your ICP Models for scoring.

- Learn how Account Scoring grades your target accounts from A to F.


Goal 2: Advertise to your target Accounts




Intent Targeting on Web

Engage accounts showing Intent with pre-packaged campaigns.

- Understand Bombora Company Surge intent data and choose your Intent Topics.

- Launch an Intent Targeting Playbook.

Account Targeting on Web

Use these pre-packaged ad campaigns to target your unaware and aware accounts.

- Launch an Account Targeting Playbook.

Account Targeting on LinkedIn


Advertise to your target Accounts using LinkedIn ads. You can either launch campaigns directly in RollWorks or sync over Account Lists to LinkedIn directly.

- Connect RollWorks to LinkedIn.

- Launch a LinkedIn Campaign.


Goal 3: Advertise to specific contacts




Contact Targeting on Web

Deliver ads on the Web to people you would like to nurture.

- Bring your Contact Audiences to RollWorks.

- Launch a Contact Targeting Campaign.

Contact Targeting on Facebook

Deliver ads on Facebook to people you would like to nurture.  

- Learn Facebook/IG creative ads requirements.

- Launch Facebook and Instagram Campaigns.


Goal 4: Advertise to your site traffic




Retargeting on Web

Deliver ads on Web to visitors who left your website without engaging or converting

Retargeting on Facebook

Deliver ads on Facebook to visitors who left your website without engaging or converting



Goal 5: Enable your Sales team

Note: These tactics are available as an add-on; contact your Account Manager to learn more.




Sales Insights

Help Sales Reps and Sales Managers better prioritize accounts for outreach by using data science to uncover signals of account engagement and provide account and contact insights directly to your sales org within Salesforce.

- Learn all the features that Sales Insights offers you: email alerts, data in your CRM, and reporting.

- Configure Sales Insights for Salesforce.

- Configure Sales Insights for HubSpot.

Contact Data

Find the key decision makers to reach with your campaigns using our database of 320 million verified contacts.

- Your Contacts Overview.

- Getting Set Up: Sales Rep Edition

Sales Automation

Automate personalized email outreach for key decision makers.


- Getting Set Up: Sales Rep Edition

- How to Create a Sequence


Picking your first goal and tactic

Depending on what RollWorks subscription package you’re on, some or all of these different "Tactics" will be available to you. Every single tactic is independent - you can chart the path you want to based on the use cases that resonate most with you. With that said, we have recommended paths based on your investment with RollWorks.


If you have a RollWorks package If you don't have a RollWorks package

To start, we recommend utilizing the tactics underneath the "Define and Understand your target Accounts" goal. These tactics will help you build and prioritize the best Account List.

From there, we recommend utilizing the "Advertising to your target Accounts" goal. If you have the "Intent Targeting on Web" tactic available to you, we recommend first advertising to your target Accounts that are showing intent and then using your remaining budget for Web on the "Account Targeting on Web" tactic. If you are planning to run LinkedIn campaigns with RollWorks it’s good to complete this tactic at this time.

After developing your Account List and beginning to advertise to your target Accounts, the remaining tactics are up to you to explore in combination with your Account Manager to figure out exactly the right use cases for your business.

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