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The RollWorks Homepage is a feature within our product that will provide a comprehensive checklist in real-time and give insight into progress and item completion in order to get your program set up with RollWorks. The homepage will serve as a guide and resource during Onboarding and throughout your time with RollWorks. The homepage will continue to grow with you as you launch and expand your ABM program.  

You can access the RollWorks homepage when logging into your account and is located on the top-left of the navigation bar of the platform by selecting 'Home'


This will transform over time as you go from your account setup and tackle each item all the way from launching your campaigns to providing quick links to view performance.

First, you will be able to select the marketing tactics that best relate to your strategy and ABM goals. Once you select your marketing tactic, you will be brought to a checklist that will display the items required to launch your different RollWorks programs. 




From there, you will be brought to a comprehensive checklist that will show your progress for items that have been completed with a checkmark next to them and for the items that are pending. Each item will have a dropdown with a description of the task and a link for how to navigate to that section of the platform. Accompanied by the description are a frequently related questions section and links to our help center for additional resources. 


Once your checklist is completed and your programs are up and running, the homepage will provide a bird's eye view of how many campaigns are running in the top right corner. 



You will also be able to drill into campaign metrics and reporting to see how your programs are performing under the view analytics tab. This will bring you to the campaign analytics page within our platform. If you would like to expand your program, you can also select the create a new tab to launch additional campaigns and playbooks


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