Ad Creative Best Practices: The Full Funnel Approach to Content Messaging

Your content and creative should match your customer journey. A full-funnel approach allows you to meet each customer where they are and should continue to move, engage and nurture them through the funnel. As there are several stages in the marketing funnel, each stage should answer a different question for the customer and content should differ.

Customer Journey Point: Unaware


A customer first becomes aware and starts exploring your company. Create awareness and demand of your product.

Types of Content & Landing Pages

  • Introductory whitepaper 
  • Informational webinars
  • Infographics, blog posts
  • Upcoming event info 

Ad Assets

  • Branding & Awareness
    • High level brand awareness creative that tries to introduce a completely new visitor to your company is key for this stage. Focus on WHAT you do and getting your brand name into their head, not HOW you do it or WHY a prospect should use it.
  • Video
    • Video can be expensive to produce, but if your company has already created video assets that establish your brand, they can potentially be suitable for this stage of messaging. 

CTA Examples

  • Learn More
  • See How
  • Show Me How

Examples of Unaware Focused Creative






Customer Journey Point: Aware


The customer is researching their options and are in full discovery mode. Give them content and messaging that speaks to why they should consider you.

Types of Content & Landing Pages

  • Customer testimonials
  • Use Cases
  • Demo video
  • Product focused whitepapers

Ad Assets

  • Content Focused
    • Now is a good time to start sharing content on content your company has that a prospect might find useful, that may not necessarily directly relate to a purchase. E-books or white papers are good ideas.
  •  Product Focused
    • Here is a good opportunity to share HOW your product does what it does, and what makes it special in the market by calling out things that will get a visitor to want to learn more and do more research.
  • Webinar Focused
    • This is also a potential opportunity to share . It's a good idea to make sure you have non-webinar focused ads so that you can share multiple messages to your audience to see which one resonates better.

CTA Examples

  • Register Now
  • Download Now
  • Get the eBook
  • Show Me How

Examples of Aware Focused Creative





Customer Journey Point: Engaged


Your customer is showing the highest level of intent. They are aware of their problem, they have researched their options, and now they’re ready to make a decision. Let them know what the next step is and how to get in touch with your sales team.

Types of Content & Landing Pages

  • Lead Forms
  • Product & competitor comparisons
  • Gated Case Studies

Ad Assets

  • Conversion Focused, with clear Call to Action suggestion a specific action
    • This is when you make sure any you link to a landing page that has a form fill available, and that the creative and call to action make it clear what that form fill is going to accomplish for the prospect. 

CTA Examples

  • Request a Demo
  • Let's Chat
  • Contact Us

Examples of Engaged Focused Creative



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