RollWorks & Hushly Integration Overview

What is the Hushly Integration?

Integrate your RollWorks and Hushly platforms so you can identify the account-level or firmographic profile of your site visitors  in real time. Powered by RollWorks’ Site Visitor API, mutual RollWorks and Hushly customers can use RollWorks’ account data to create personalized Hushly Streams.

Who is eligible to access?

This integration requires a contract with both RollWorks and Hushly - there are a couple paths to leverage the RollWorks and Hushly Integration:

  • RollWorks customers on a Professional or Ultimate package have access to the Site Visitor API, which powers the integration, as part of their subscription. 
  • RollWorks customers on a Starter or Standard package can optionally access the Site Visitor API, which powers the integration by purchasing an add-on to their package. Please contact your Account Manager for pricing details.

Features and Benefits


  • Direct integration with Hushly
  • Firmographic or account-level identification of your site visitors in real-time 
  • People to account-level matching


  • Dynamically filter a Hushly Stream to only show content that matches firmographic data on the current site visitor
  • Increase your lead captures and decrease your Cost per Lead using Hushly’s Microform technology
  • Automatically recommend content and relevant offers


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