Getting Started with the Reactful Integration

Getting Started with the Reactful Integration

  1. Ensure the RollWorks Site Visitor API has been enabled.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Site Visitor Data to locate your Advertisable ID and Attribute Key.
  3. When selecting where you want to send your site visitor data, select "Do not send data to Google Analytics".
  4. Screen_Shot_2021-04-28_at_9.55.02_AM.png
  5. Follow the steps outlined in Reactful’s setup video.
  6. Navigate “Settings” in Reactful.reactful_GS_2.png
  7. Navigate to “Integrations” and toggle on “RollWorks”reactful_GS_3.png
  8. Add the script to your website.reactful_GS_4.png

How to use the Reactful Integration

Reference Reactful’s setup video.

  1. In the Studio, open the Personas menu and create a new Persona.reactful_HTGS_1.pngreactful_HTGS_2.png
  2. Click the RollWorks data integration setting icon, select the pre-defined API attribute name, and add a corresponding value and label.reactful_HTGS_3.png
  3. Add the newly created segment to the Persona.reactful_HTGS_4.png
  4. Apply the newly created Persona to existing dynamic content, or create new dynamic content. Note: you can access all of RollWork’s attribute values in the Site Visitor API documentation found here.

Best Practices

Engage with web visitors to deliver the right message at the right time

  • Focus on leveraging the Site Visitor API data for hyper targeting:
    • Engage by dynamically adapting content (Headline, Tag line, CTA) throughout the web visitor’s journey on the website.
    • Provide relevant compelling content when web visitors show dis-engagement or lack of interest.
    • Filter and highlight relevant content (blogs, downloads) across the entire website.
  • Personalize content, CTA on landing pages and home page based on web visitor account information (industry or company size). 
  • Track the onsite behavior and predict the next step to engage and guide.
  • Show timely and relevant information, stay on brand.
  • Embed shortened lead forms (Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot) in reactions and display when relevant.
  • Supplement lead form fields with the Site Visitor API data (instead of prompting for input) to provide a consistent conversion experience.

Next step: click here for additional details from Reactful. 

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