Building Persona Audiences for Account Targeting Playbooks and LinkedIn Campaigns

Determining Your Target Persona

  • With Account Targeting Playbooks, our targeting is based on Personas rather than specific job titles.  
  • LinkedIn campaigns support both targeting by persona OR targeting by specific job titles, but we generally recommend using personas in order to reach the most relevant audience possible.
  • A persona is a composite sketch of the sort of people who usually make the evaluation and purchasing decision for your product.
  • The most effective way to determine an appropriate target persona is to look at the titles and departments of the people who have historically been the purchaser of your product, and map those data points to our available persona attributes.
    • If you have synced your CRM and created Funnel Stages in the RollWorks platform, one way to confirm an appropriate target persona is to look at your Closed Won stage in ICP Insights, look at the titles of the people in that list, and build a persona that captures those titles.
  • If after reading the below best practice guides you still don't feel as though you are able to map your desired target persona, check out our library of examples to see if any if those can help! Additionally, see below for a video overview of some best practices on this.

Targeting Best Practices for Account Targeting Playbooks

  • In Account Targeting Playbooks, you can build an audience that maps to your desired target Persona by selecting specific Attributes that filter among all available people on your selected Target Account List (TAL) for the following things:
    • Functional Area: A person's role within an organization.
    • Seniority: A person's rank within an organization
    • Intent Topics: Topics that a person has expressed interest in by browsing content in related topics across the internet
  • In the example below, you would be targeting anybody that falls into EITHER an "HR - Benefits" OR "Finance - Accounting" functional area, but they must have "Management" seniority in order to be targeted in a playbook.


  • Within a given attribute we use “AND” logic; between multiple attributes we use “OR” logic.
  • Intent Topic audiences tend to be smaller than Functional Area or Seniority, so be sure to select several related topics together if you want to be able to target enough people for your playbook to show impact.
  • For certain Functional Areas (like the below example of "Information Technology"), we have a sub-category called "Other". If you have available budget, we recommend targeting the "Other" Functional Area sub category when possible to ensure that we are targeting people that we may not be able to precisely identify as belonging to a sub category but are still in the overall Functional Area.


For exact definitions on our available attributes, please see the file attached at the bottom of this article for a comprehensive list.

Targeting Best Practices for LinkedIn Campaigns

  • LinkedIn Campaigns allow you to build audiences by both personas and specific job titles. With 26 available Functional Areas and 10 levels of seniority, you can tailor your persona to your buying committee.
  • With LinkedIn, we recommend using Functional Area and Seniority to build your audience unless your target persona is VERY specific, as audiences using only titles can be extremely limited and drive up costs.
  • If you decide to target on LinkedIn with titles, be sure to use as many variations of the title/keywords as possible since people use a variety of titles on their profiles
    • For example, a high level decision-maker in the Marketing department of a target company could have a title as varied as Senior VP of Marketing, SVP of Marketing, VP of Marketing, Senior Director of Marketing, Director of Demand Gen, Marketing Director, Senior Marketing Director, or Vice President of Marketing depending on the company structure or title ranking.
    • All of these, despite largely describing the same thing, would be considered separate titles on LinkedIn, so it’s vital to use as many variations as possible of a given title to make sure you are targeting everybody you want to.
  • If targeting outside of the US, we recommend using Functional Area + Seniority targeting so that you don't have to include localized versions of titles. Many people use their local language for their profile title on LinkedIn.


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