Getting Started with Account Scoring

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to Target Accounts > click into the list that you want to gradeAS_1.png
  2. Select "Grade List" under List OptimizationsAS_2.png
  3. Upload your training data by either syncing a list from Salesforce or uploading a static CSV AS_3.png
  4. Review the fit grade of each account in the results table (grading typically takes 1-2 hours to complete)AS_4.pngAS_5.png

Best Practices

  • Group accounts to run effective campaigns. Focus your budget on the highest fit accounts by creating account groups. For example, if you have a limited budget, you can first prioritize accounts that have a fit grade of A and B. 
  • Align marketing and sales efforts. Export the graded account list or leverage the bi-directional account list sync to make more coordinated decisions. 
  • Expand your target account list with account suggestions. Review and evaluate new high value accounts to engage in an ad campaign or send this information to your sales team to help prioritize outreach.
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