Account Scoring Overview

What is Account Scoring?

RollWorks Account Scoring leverages machine learning to create a predictive model customized for your business. It looks for patterns in the firmographic, technographic, and geographic attributes of your customer base to create a scoring methodology. This model, based on account fit criteria, is then applied towards your target account list to score it, returning a grade range from A to F. Account grades are written back to SFDC in order to have marketing and sales alignment on the priority of their target accounts.

Who is Eligible to Access?

Customers who are on the Standard, Professional, and Ultimate packages have access to the Account Scoring feature.


  • Account scores. Score your Target Accounts based on fit attributes
  • Account suggestions. Surface new high value accounts based on advanced data science
  • Salesforce sync. Push the account score into your Salesforce to align marketing and sales 
  • Model optimization. Adjust your training data when you see changes in your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)


  • Prioritize accounts using advanced machine learning. Let data-backed methods find accounts that share similar fit attributes and focus your resources on accounts more likely to close
  • Easily create fit based engagement. Segment your target account list for targeted ad campaigns and sales outreach
  • Optimize budget allocation. Increase ABM program ROI with smarter targeting and more effective engagement
  • Align marketing and sales. Work off a common prioritized account list for maximum impact
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