Playbooks Overview

What is a Playbook?

Playbooks are the future of RollWorks' Advertising Campaigns. Today, they are a pre-packaged set of campaigns that sequentially target your Target Accounts, but over time they will grow to include all of the other use cases supported by RollWorks' Advertising Campaigns today. The main idea behind Playbooks is that we are trying to develop the simplest user experience for running B2B advertising campaigns based on the best practices RollWorks' Customer Success organization has developed over the past several years.

Who is eligible to access?

All RollWorks customers on a subscription have access to the Account Targeting Playbook and Website Retargeting Playbook. Customers on the Standard, Professional, and Ultimate packages also have access to the Intent Targeting Playbook.

Features and Benefits

  • Benefit from best practices: We have developed a library of Playbooks that offer different templates of our best practices for marketing to help you achieve your goals.
  • Ensure correct setup: Playbooks ensure that your audiences and corresponding exclusions are set up perfectly to include the right people in the right campaign.
  • Simplify budget allocation: Define a budget for your Playbook and our systems will optimize the spend across campaigns and advertising inventories when applicable towards your goals.
  • Clear reporting: Manage and optimize your Playbooks towards your strategic goals with easy to use reporting.


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