Lookalike Targeting Campaigns

What is Lookalike Targeting?

Lookalike Targeting allows you to reach a broader selection of people to spread your message. Lookalike targeting campaigns identify the right audience and serve them ads across the web by automatically identifying signals that denote likely converters.

Unlike Retargeting campaigns, these users have not been to your site before, but they have been identified as high-potential prospects for your business.

For Lookalike Targeting campaigns, it's a good idea to use high-level branding imagery to build awareness among new customers who may not be familiar with your brand.

Keep in mind, these ads are meant to introduce customers to your brand and encourage them to learn more, whereas Retargeting campaigns encourage conversions from people who have already engaged with you.

Create a new Lookalike Targeting campaign

Step 1: Sign in to RollWorks

Step 2: In your Engage tab go to your Ad Campaigns section and select Create Ad Campaign, then select "Websites and Apps"



Step 3: Select "Lookalike Targeting," name your campaign and input your daily budget for your campaign.



Step 4: Name your AdGroup


Step 5: Select the locations you want to target. For US based advertisers we recommend limiting geotargeting to the United States unless customers from other countries make up your ICP

Setting a location target is required for Lookalike Targeting campaigns. You can include or exclude up to 10,000 countries, states, cities, but you must positively target at least one location.

Step 6: Select your ads within a RollWorks Campaign - you can Choose Existing, Create, Upload or Request Ads. We recommend at least one of each these web ad sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 320x50, 728x90, 970x250, 600x500, 600x315

Note: There is a minimum daily budget of $5.00 per AdGroup. If you have a singular AdGroup at the minimum daily budget and you create a second AdGroup, you will be prompted to increase your daily budget for your entire campaign. 

Ad Guidelines

We recommend using lower funnel branding and lifestyle images with a compelling Call to Action (Like "Download a Free Ebook" or "Get the free report") to draw in people who may not be familiar with your brand.

  1. Click Upload to upload static web ads, video assets, and to create a video ad (Recommended).

  2. Click Create to make Native ads (Recommended).

  3. If you need help making ads, click Request Ads to have our team make a set for you.


Choose a billing method or input a new billing method, then click Launch.

Creative Guidance

Just like retargeting campaigns, we recommend that you have all of the recommended creative sizes.

Native ads appear natively on a site or in a feed, can be particularly effective for driving new traffic to your site.

Video ads can also a great way to familiarize new customers with your brand.


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