Getting Started with the Opensense Integration

Integrating RollWorks and Opensense

  1. On the Opensense homepage, select Admin > Domain Settings OS_1.png
  2. In Domain Settings, select Connect to RollWorksOS_2.png
  3. Complete oAuth          OS_3.pngOS_4.png

How to use the RollWorks and Opensense Integration

Tag your RollWorks Target Account Lists (TAL)

  1. Navigate to Identify > Target AccountsOS_5.png
  2. Choose the TAL you would like to tag and append ::{OpensenseTagName}OS_6.pngRollWorks_-_Enterprise_Accounts__enterprise_2020-09-09_11-24-53.png

Tagging your Opensense Banners

  1. Navigate to Marketing > BannersOS_8.png
  2. For the desired banner, click edit and add the tag to the bannerOS_9.png

Now, any prospect your team emails that is on a RollWorks Target Account List will see the associated banner(s) in the email.    

Best Practices

  1. Display the same message across display, social, and email.
  2. Sequence your messages based on where the prospect is at in the consideration and purchase journey.
  3. Employ click tag naming conventions to measure the performance of unifying your message across channels.
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