Account Intent Best Practices

Topic Selection

  • Start by searching for words used to describe your company's industry, products, and services.
  • Search for your company brand or other brands in your competitive space. Note that not all companies are available in the taxonomy.
  • Search for keywords that are used as part of your content or SEO strategy.

Playbook Strategy

  • We recommend focusing your budget on the Intent Playbook.
  • If your budget is not sufficient, limit to only targeting highest surging accounts.
  • If you have different messaging for specific topics, use a new Playbook for each creative. 
  • Focus on accounts surging most recently.

Creative Content Strategy

  • Tailor your creative messaging towards the topic the account is demonstrating intent for the best results. Example: if an account is showing intent for the “Cyber Security” topic, send messaging to download your “Cybersecurity 101” whitepaper.
    • Note: Even though the account is showing intent, the individual may not be aware of your brand. So, if tailored messaging is not possible, use content that speaks to industry trends, pain points, and your services/solutions. 
  • It is recommended to deliver different messaging to your Unaware and Aware audiences:


    • Unaware audience: 
      • Focus on content that introduces the user to your brand.
      • Types of content: introductory whitepaper, informational webinars, infographics, blog posts.
      • Use CTA such as: “Learn More”, “See How”
    • Aware audience: 
      • Focus on product and conversion related content.
      • Types of content: lead forms, demo videos, gated case studies, product focused white papers.
      • Use CTA such as: “Download Now”, “Try for Free Today”, “Request a Demo”

Discovering New Accounts

  • Include Intent criteria in your search.
  • Add relevant firmographic attributes (company size, industry).
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