Getting Started with Account Intent

Setup & Configuration

In order to use Account Intent data in RollWorks, you have to select the intent topics that you would like to monitor.

  1. Navigate to the Identify > Target Accounts > Account Intent 
  2. Select your intent topics
  3. We will email you in 1 - 2 hours when the data is available


How to Use Account Intent

Engage the accounts demonstrating intent that are on your Target Account List.

  1. Navigate to Engage > Playbooks tab
  2. Select the Intent Playbook
  3. Follow instructions to launch a Playbook




Align your marketing and sales efforts on accounts demonstrating intent.

  1. Click “Download .CSV” card from Account Intent
  2. Share with relevant teams on a weekly basis

Discover accounts demonstrating intent that are not on your Target Account List (COMING SOON).

  1. Click Discover New Accounts card from Account Intent
  2. Adjust Intent query criteria as needed
  3. Add relevant accounts to a Target Account List


Please reach out to or your Account Manager if you have any questions!

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